With tween and teen writing tips, you can become a writer today.

What tween and teen writing tips do you need to begin? Try these:

  • an active mind
  • a block of time
  • discipline
  • an idea or two
  • some tools.

Let’s start with the tools.

A very basic tween and teen writing tip are to Buy a writer’s notebook. It’s bound, large, with plenty of space per page. Avoid the spiral binder kind of paper holder (You don’t want to lose your precious pages, do you? Nooooo.). Buy your notebook at a “dollar” store, or go fancy and buy one at a stationery store.

Alright, you have a notebook. Now what? Another tween and teen writing tip is to Write. Write about what? Anything and everything that’s important to you. Help needed? Try these topics:

sports, pets, friends, family members, relatives, important people, interests, hobbies, imaginings, worries, concerns, fears, annoyances, hopes, love, and friendship.

Another tween and teen writing tip is Write every day. A few sentences will do to get you started. Keep on. Each day a little more. Or if you can’t think of anything to write, try something WEIRDO:

Write over and over: I can’t think of anything to write today. Why does this help? ‘Cause sometimes writing that sentence frees you up, like a warm-up before you jump into a sport. And before you know it, you’re sprinting … through ideas. GET IT?

Another tween and teen writing tip is to Decorate your writer’s notebook. Decals, drawings, wild lettering, photographs, cut-paper collages, and so on and on. LET THE DECORATIONS REFLECT Y-O-U. Special you. The special writer you. Unique you.

Another tween and teen writing tip is Use a special pen or pencil. Many writers, I know, myself included, must have that special pen or pencil. Can’t write by hand without it. Freak out if it can’t be found. Jitters, oh, if the lead or ink runs out. Soooo, become a friend with your very special writing instrument. Maybe you’ll choose to use it only for the writing you do in your notebook ‘cause it’s that special. Maybe it’ll only be for your notebook entries …or … a pen or pencil for your JOURNAL entries.

What journal? It’s the other ‘cheapo’ or ‘expensivo’ bound notebook you bought the other day, You’re gonna spend some time daily writing in your journal. Too much? —- Okay, then every other day. Take a few minutes to write your observations and feelings. Observations and feelings that day, the day before…the here and now stuff happening in your life. Good, bad, neutral stuff. Some writers and teachers of writing like to call this a “diary.” Whatever. Observations and feelings. And this might happen: Stuff you write here becomes the ideas you chase into your writer’s notebook. Get it?

Let your writing journey begin. Good luck.