“In a Book” written by Anthony L. Manna

Choral Reading with a Poem


In a Book … You Can

Live royally in the ancient past —-a king, a queen

Move to a galaxy far away and in between

Join a protest —-shout cheers of human rights

Convert a bully —-away with painful strife

Swim through the depths of a restless sea

Climb to the top of a rainforest tree
(Oh, what a landscape you’ll see)

Fly off on a dragon, a shape-shifting wonder

Survive a harsh battle, lament the plunder

Build a skyscraper, touch a cloud

Win medals of gold before a cheering crowd

Learn about folks hurtful to souls from afar have come

Meet kind folks who welcome others to their home

Enjoy a weird mystery, let’s fathom the deep-buried clues

Hear the crowds cheer the heroes, drown out the thunderous boos

Open a book, awaiting you there long-lasting treasures

Read a book, savor the savory pleasures

Share a book, a precious gift you’ll give

A wondrous guide, oh, yes, a compass for how to live.

—Professor Granpa Tonio

Choral Reading

Encourage readers to make this poem come alive with Choral Reading.

“Choral reading is a literacy technique that helps students build their fluency, self-confidence, and motivation in reading. During choral reading, a student, or a group of students reads a passage together, with or without a teacher. Choral reading can be done individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.”

Thank you “Strategies for Students” for this description of Choral Reading and for suggestions and plans provided at your lively website for ways to use Choral Reading with kids and teens.