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Word Search

Download the Word Search Games to find words from favorite picture books, the story Loukas and the Game of Chance, a fantasy for readers ages 8 – 13, by Anthony L. Manna (a.k.a. Professor Granpa Tonio), and the five books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, for readers ages 8 – 13.

Search for these words hidden in the block of letters. When you find a word, use a pencil to trace all the letters of the word. Beware: The words may be spelled in any direction. Have a good time.

Click here to find information about the characters in the favorite picture books.

Word Scrambles for Great Books: Kids and Teens


Can you find your way through the crazy mazes? Download the maze games and follow the instructions carefully to get the most out of these games. Good luck. Enjoy.

Coloring Pages

Download, print out , and get ready to have fun with coloring pages. 

Crossword Puzzles

Download, print out, and get ready to have fun with these crossword puzzles.

Reading and Writing Guides & Activities for Loukas and the Game of Chance

Story by Anthony L. Manna

Professor Granpa Tonio’s Book Recommendations for
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