Dear Educators,

What can you do to support the success of the readers and writers?

What works best to motivate kids, tweens, and teens to love books of all kinds and in their writing and conversations to share the discoveries about themselves and others good books offer them?

These are questions I’ve been asking teachers in schools and universities in the U.S.A., Turkey, Greece, and Albania for over fifty years. And I keep finding that the answers always come down to some pretty basic needs: Good books—digital, graphic, or paper bound—that interest and excite students; powerful student-centered activities that involve kids, tweens, and teens in lively conversations and writing explorations that help to make them skilled readers and writers; and, of course, teachers who work hard at creating an environment where students are nurtured, challenged, and respected.

On this website, I want to help teachers with these needs. Here you’ll find resources that help you select good multicultural books for kids, tweens, and teens, introduce you to entertaining action-packed activities that keep readers and writers of all ages happily involved, and provide tips for sharing your passion for reading and writing with your students.

Let’s get busy working together to help raise happy, confident readers and writers from preschool through high school.

I’m here to offer teachers of kids, tweens, and teens my support in the work you do to get your students to venture into the very best reading and writing explorations.


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