Dear Parents,

How do you know which books are the best ones at different stages of growing up?

Which books are sure to interest the youngest children, tweens, and teens?

Where do you find guidance for book selection—digital, graphic, or paper bound books— on specific topics, cultures, and interests?

Are there guides that offer tips for sharing books with young children, tweens, and teens?

What kinds of activities keep readers of all ages involved in reading?

How do I get my kids to spend the same amount of time reading as they spend on their electronic programs and games?

On this website, I want to draw on my experiences—and my passion—as an educator of fifty years to help parents, grandparents, and other family members answer the questions I’ve asked above.

My vision is to make resources available for kids, tweens, teens, and new adults to select good multicultural books and to introduce them to action-packed and entertaining reading and writing activities.

Let’s get busy working together to help raise happy, confident readers and writers from preschool through high school.

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