Jessica Jones Shares her Frameworks for Reading Native American Literature

Enjoy this video which guides viewers through a chronological exploration of important moments in Native American Literature from 1492- the present. Please feel free to post this link on your own website if you wish, or to add it to your list of resources for educators.  You can also listen to or watch the interview with Jessica Jones on the Writers on Writing Podcast with host Anthony L. Manna on Podbean or your favorite Podcast channel. 

Jessica Jones has been teaching Art and English in K-12 and college settings for over 15 years. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (2014), the Ohio Journal of Language Arts (2014), Poems Across the Big Sky II: An Anthology of Montana Poets (Many Voices Press, 2016), Bright Bones (Open Country Press, 2018) and NCTE’s English Journal (2018). She also presents at regional and national conferences and has served as Writer in Residence for Calcutta Mercy Hospital in India, and with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. She is currently full-time faculty at Kent State University at Stark, where she teaches poetry, creative writing, and composition courses that focus on diversity and social justice. She can be reached at her website.